Thursday, 13 March 2014

De-bugging the bell-curve of performance ratings

It's not about whether the bell-curve of performance rating distribution is dead or not. It's also not about the loudest criticisms of the bell curve. It's rather about what rating distribution serves the organisation's interests best. And rating distributions, in turn, are about differentiation and standardisation.

Here's our home video on how you can play around with the differentiation and standardisation to make a rating distribution that works for you. Do buffer for a bit and turn up the volume for a good viewing experience.


Saturday, 1 March 2014

A case for the greying workforce in India

India will reap the full benefit of the demographic dividend, if it widens the discourse, to also include the continued employment and employability of the greying workforce.

Please view the demo video of our quiz and decide for yourself if that is the case. Do buffer for a bit and turn up the volume for a good viewing experience.

Choreographing an intentional career

The grey question is whether a career is accidental or intentional. Should one go with the flow or take charge ? We think that choreographing an intentional career could do with some lessons from the dance floor.

Please watch our home video to know more. Do buffer for a while and turn up the volume for a good viewing experience.